Quick Profile: Red, White, and BOOM—A Patriotic Profile

Summer’s here and there are a zillion things to do, so one of the last things I want to do on my downtime is sit in front of a computer creating a new profile. I am going to share with you how I handle my summer holiday profiles in a way that reduces my input and frees up my time. My riders still love my summer theme rides, even if there is an occasional song or two that is repeated!

2 Responses to “Quick Profile: Red, White, and BOOM—A Patriotic Profile”

  1. Bonnie Gretzner says:

    Just wanted to say I used some of this – and I love the Quick Profiles!

  2. JamesMcClain says:

    I am looking for a chart, Rate of Perceived Exertion, large enough to display in my studio. A chart 2′ X 3′ would be large enough to been seen by the riders in our studio.

    Your copyrighted chart would do just fine, I like the different colors that indicate degree of exertion.

    I am willing to purchase the chart,if they are available. Please respond.

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