Quick Profile: Building Blocks of Strength and Power

We’ve got another quick profile for you, the Build Blocks of Strength and Power, this week developed by Bill Pierce. This profile will enable riders to develop their climbing skills while also challenging them to increase resistance and decrease cadence while maintaining the same intensity. It develops muscular endurance at sub-threshold and threshold levels of intensity and requires as much mental as physical strength. Riders must possess patience, discipline, and focus to get through each block.

Demonstrate the concept by stacking yoga blocks for visual learners and added drama (or use risers from step aerobics). You’ll need 9 blocks; each represents 5 minutes in duration.

3 Responses to “Quick Profile: Building Blocks of Strength and Power”

  1. Sevana says:

    LOVE Neutral Milk Hotel! Can’t wait to try this one, Bill!

    • Bill Pierce says:

      Cool. One of my most memorable concert experiences was seeing NMH 2 years ago at the Pitchfork Musicfest. I had listened to their albums repeatedly during the time that Jeff Magnum was in seclusion. Since the band wasn’t touring, I had never seen them live. When I finally did at Pitchfork, it was just like the recordings. I had goosebumps the entire show.

  2. Bill Pierce says:

    Instructors who are interested in doing this Quick Profile but are intimidated by it, thinking that their riders couldn’t stay in 1 position for 5 minutes straight or go hard for 45 consecutive minutes, should try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. They will develop the patience, discipline, and focus required for climbing.
    If you’re wondering how to coach the 5 minute blocks, I pick one thing to focus on for each of the first 7 blocks. They include breathing, pedal stroke, form, etc. Just one thing per block. For the final 2 blocks, all that they can focus on is finishing: 10 minutes at threshold is really challenging, especially after riding 35 minutes straight at sub-threshold levels.
    This is one of my favorite rides and I hope it becomes other instructors’ favorite as well. Please suggest some 5 minute songs that will fit, preferably ones that normal people may know. As seen from the accompanying playlist, my musical taste is anything but normal.

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