Mind over Misery – when was the last time you allowed yourself to “suffer”?

As you may recall, I had emergency surgery while in Canada in early July. I wrote about it on my blog Sage Advice. I am happy to report that I recovered fairly quickly. I only taught two classes off the bike and then went back to riding in my classes within a week. I didn’t want to lose too much fitness! I stayed off my road bike two weeks though.

On Saturday July 16th (2 weeks later), I did an easy road ride around my neighborhood, and then Sunday (July 17th) my husband and I decided to go for a ride. Without thinking, I said, “Let’s do Bachelor Gulch,” as if I hadn’t skipped a beat in my training the previous two weeks! It occurred to me later that it was not a very wise choice on my part. I mean, it is one of the hardest climbs around here – a 5-mile steep climb up to Bachelor Gulch, part of the ski area attached to Beaver Creek. I’m not sure the average grade but there are sustained segments of 9% (by law, roads can’t be steeper than that around here because of the snow and ice). I guess I conveniently forgot that I had surgery two weeks prior!

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