Quick Profile: Lather, Rinse, Repeat (3-Minute Intervals)

While this profile may seem “basic,” it’s anything but “easy.” When intervals are distilled down to their basic format of hard followed by easy, they are simple to create, (fairly) simple to put music to, and simple to coach. Bonus: They may end up being some of the physically hardest classes you teach!  

The key is in coaching riders to truly understand the importance of good recovery in a HIIT class. If they do not recover at a low enough intensity, there is no way—no matter how fit they are—that they will be able to consistently hit the target. One way to avoid skimping on recovery is to describe the sensations they should feel during the work so that once the recovery arrives, they appreciate it and may even not want it to end!

Helping instructors create massively effective interval classes based on exercise science and cycling science has always been one of the foundational goals here at the Indoor Cycling Association. We have done that through many articles, including this series on the science of interval training, this article on Tabata, and this amazing template on putting together over 50 threshold profiles.  

Now I am putting together a series of interval-based Quick Profiles with the intention of teaching you how to create your own classes using the simple template provided in this Lather, Rinse, Repeat profile. We will then teach you how to modify the various components of fitness to create an endless supply of fun and effective interval classes that provide variety and excitement for your riders.

Finally, we will move on to more advanced interval profile design. Advanced doesn’t have to mean physically harder from the rider’s perspective (although it may)—I dare you to try this Lather, Rinse, Repeat profile and tell me it’s not super hard! What I mean by advanced is more about profile design, to include things like incomplete recoveries, combining intervals that target different goals, and incorporating sprints and Tabata.

To wrap it up, I will include tips and tricks for putting music to your interval masterpieces.

10 Responses to “Quick Profile: Lather, Rinse, Repeat (3-Minute Intervals)”

  1. JaymieCook says:

    I LOVED this profile. I used it last night and my riders worked their tail off. Thank you for everything you do!

  2. MelanieDeal says:

    What a great profile and playlist. I used this in my class this morning, and they totally loved it! One person said, “I’ve worked up such a sweat, I really WILL have to rinse, lather, and repeat!”

  3. KristieKilcullen says:

    Holy cow, what a great profile! My class LOVED it. So simple on paper, but so challenging in real life. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Jeannine Kokiko says:

    My class loved this profile. They said the music was different and interesting! Thanks for this timesaver in the midst of a busy and stressful week!

  5. ScottGoins says:

    Great profile used this last night and was told “That’s allot of Lather”

  6. shaera hayes says:

    I love the music selection & for students who enjoy slower RPM at higher resistance, it will knock their socks off. This will be the ride profile for all my classes next week. Credit will be given during my intro. Thanks!

  7. Sevana says:

    Used this today when subbing a 45 minute class in a pinch and it was awesome! Here’s my playlist (notes are in the description on Spotify):


  8. Nicola Wilson says:

    Hi is membership available in the UK

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