Wednesday Timeless Classics: The Greatest Drum Buildup Ever

Artist: Fluke
Song: Zion
Album: The Matrix Reloaded
Time: 4:33
Genre: electronic
BPM: 127
Category: climb 
Available: iTunes, Spotify

The buildup to the beat drop in this track from the iconic movie The Matrix Reloaded is, in my opinion, one of the best ones ever. The anticipation of the impending drum rapture brings chills down my spine every single time I hear it. It still does to this day. I first used this song at the Spinning WSSC conference in 2008 in a session called “The Triple Threat,” with three types of intervals.  

I wouldn’t talk much at all on this track. Let your riders know toward the end of the preceding song what is coming. Tell them they’ll get onto a moderately challenging climb at 63 rpm, making sure to leave room for it to get steeper. One minute into the song, they’ll take their cue from the beat. At 1:02, there’s no holding back. The rest will be up to them. 

The song is driving for almost 3 minutes without a break. Allow your riders to sit or stand as needed. This is one where I’d even suggest to stay standing the whole time (2:45) if you can do it with good form.

At 3:45, the beat drops off, but it’s not over yet. Sit back down, hold the same cadence against the existing resistance, and picture yourself rolling over the top of a long summit. It doesn’t come quickly, though—you’ll have to push against that resistance for another 45 seconds. 

If you have video capabilities, the scene from The Matrix Reloaded will make your riders feel like they are in a rave. It’s a sexy scene, with hundreds of barely clad bodies and bare feet writhing and dancing and leaping on the rocks in a cave in Zion, alternating with scenes of Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie Ann Moss) making love. 

I hadn’t realized that rave scene was so divisive among Matrix nerds. There’s this discussion in a forum, and the following description from

Depending on how you look at it, the mass rave scene in The Matrix Reloaded is either the goofiest WTF moment in a sci-fi movie ever — or the most genius.


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