Two Back-to-School Indoor Cycling Profiles From Our Archives

It happens every August/September…kids go back to school and parents and teachers start changing their schedules (at least in the northern hemisphere). Many of your own students who have taken the summer off to spend more time with their kids are going to be filing back into your classes. Heck, even non-parents are making changes in their schedules as the days get shorter.

It’s always fun to greet your new students with some back-to-school indoor cycling profiles. We’ve got a couple of fun ones in our archives that are based on the idea of playing games. If you’ve got new students in your classes, this is a great way to “hook” them before you transition to profiles with a more technical or mind-body objective. You are showing your students that you have a very wide range of profiles in your repertoire.

Jen Lynn created some back-to-school games for ICA.


  1. The Colors Game has been a big hit! As to Partner’s Choice, the songs add up to way more than 60 minutes (more like 75) — of course I can rejigger it to make it work, but curious if there was anything in particular that Jen Lynn cuts out to get it to 60?

  2. Back to School tomorrow for all the kids…..bringing the BACK TO SCHOOL profile to my peeps bright and early! Love it!

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