Top 7 Ways to Grow as an Indoor Cycling Instructor in 2023

THIS is the year to challenge yourself to reach new heights in your indoor cycling coaching. It’s something we ask of our riders all the time; how about ourselves? What can we do to push ourselves, to take risks, to put ourselves out there in front of our students and announce to the world that we aren’t afraid of growth?

This will likely mean moving out of your own comfort zone.

Is this going to be the year you do it? Or are you going to settle back into the comfort of mediocrity and status quo? Same types of classes, same music, same cues, same ‘ol everything.

Every time you ask yourself that question, rephrase it as one of the cues you might give on a challenging climb in one of your classes. For example, you might say this at the beginning of a long 15- to 20-minute steady-state climbing segment, one with no recoveries and a few standing hard surges on switchbacks or short steep segments:

Is this the moment you will challenge yourself to stay committed to this long climb? Or are you going to continue to do what you often do and hold back for fear of not making it through the whole thing?

Remember, everything you want is on the other side of your comfort zone; let today be the day you cross it!

Will you join me in deciding that this year is going to be ridiculously amazing? I have a few ideas for you to stretch yourself this year—and stretching yourself is one way to ensure your year is better than ever before. Let me know in the comments what you plan on doing to grow!

Top 7 Ways to Grow as an Indoor Cycling Instructor in 2023


  1. This article was excellent and much needed read for me. Thanks for the inspiring words to make this year 2023 the year of change ❤️
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom Jennifer….Looking forward to growing as a stronger more confident instructor because of ICA.


  2. Great insight. My 2018 goal is to learn more about exercise science #7! I am so glad I joined ICA last Spring and see true value in building your overall indoor cycling strengths and now I will be reviewing articles covering physiology. See you at the Top!

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