Theme Ride Thursday: Kiss Kiss

Valentine’s Day is always a fun holiday to pull a themed profile together, as the options are endless. Instead of just updating our standard Valentine’s playlists this year, we decided to create a new one all about kisses. Most are your standard lovey-dovey songs, but there are a few that bring it to a different level such as Florence + The Machine’s “A Kiss With a Fist” and The Struts’ “Kiss This.”

I am working on a profile for my class this year using songs from this playlist. While it isn’t 100% fleshed out, here’s what I have put together so far:




3 Responses to “Theme Ride Thursday: Kiss Kiss”

  1. DaytonGraham Jr says:

    I must have succumbed to the temptation, because my ride profile for this Thu AM (02-13-2020) is “It’s all about the kiss.” Here’s one you might consider adding to the Kiss songs playlist: Make Me Yours by Borgeous. I’m using it in a 3 song climb segment riding at 64 rpm, 1/2 the song’s beat. If interested, you can check out the entire playlist here:

  2. Susan Lafond says:

    You had to tempt me with a kiss, didn’t you. I was all set to use the Cupid is Stupid or Something About Us profiles that I used before, but no, here I sit preparing to share the Kiss Kiss profile with class. In passing on the holiday love, I added more Kiss songs to the Spotify playlist. Maybe I can tempt someone else with a little smooch.

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