Theme Ride Thursday: Be a Warrior!

Here’s a short playlist of songs pertaining to war, warriors, and bravery. Feel free to pair it with our Never Give Up playlist for a ride that will propel riders to the top!

Let us know of any songs we might have missed and we’ll make sure to add them to the playlist!

4 Responses to “Theme Ride Thursday: Be a Warrior!”

  1. CesarTerrazas says:

    another song about being a warrior would definitely be Warrior by Hannah Kerr:)

  2. Lisa Piquette says:

    I would add “The Warrior Princess” by Joseph LoDuca. It’s from the 90’s show, Xena, Warrior Princess. High energy, 2:11. Throw in a battle cry right at 0:31 when the drums heat up and it’s a blast!

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