Theme Ride Thursday: Australia Day

Given the devastating fires that have engulfed over 12 million acres to date in Australia, we thought it was timely to repost. I’ve updated the playlist recently with a few more Australian artists suggested to me by ICA members. We’d love to see someone create a profile from this.  

G’day, mate! Today we honor Australian artists as we gear up for Australia Day on Sunday, January 26. Celebrate the diversity this country has brought us from artists such as INXS, Kylie Minogue, Sia, AC/DC, Men Down Under, and my personal favorite, The Temper Trap.  

We’ve also included some fun facts to quiz your class on while teaching this profile. 

3 Responses to “Theme Ride Thursday: Australia Day”

  1. Sharron says:

    Hi – just to confirm in case anyone wants to find the song; Men at Work sing ‘Down Under.

  2. TrudyStevens says:

    Hi Jennifer…um pretty sure Dire Straits are from UK not Australia…trust me we would claim them but it’s not true.

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