Theme Profile: Put On Your Party Pants!

A party ride with a purpose!

I did this profile as a virtual ride on my birthday—which coincidentally happened to fall on International Party Day. It was a blast and I have to say I had so much fun picking out the songs—there are so many fabulous party and celebration songs to choose from. You’ll find our bucket list of party songs (currently about 150 tracks and growing) for International Party Day here.

Here are a few of the reviews after my virtual birthday ride so you can see that this will be a fun profile for you to use—it should be a hit with your riders! 

Below are some ideas for using or modifying this profile and playlist.


Use this profile and playlist as a foundation to celebrate your own birthday (hey, you deserve it!) or a birthday of one of your special riders. Did you know that you can type “happy birthday” and then add a name into the search box in Spotify to find a personalized happy birthday track? You might even find numerous genres to choose from, ranging from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes long. For mine, I chose a reggae-style birthday song that I used as part of the cool-down. If you or your rider has a more unique name that can’t be found, here is a short dance-style generic happy birthday track to use. 

In addition to the playlist for this specific profile, I’ve included two bucket playlists for you to search for alternative tracks. One is the general “Party!!” playlist and the other is specific to happy birthday–related songs (currently with over 70 tracks). (Note: There will be some crossover between the two.)

Here is the class promotion I created in Canva for my virtual birthday ride—of course I used an image of a party cat! My riders know I’m a crazy cat lady, too!

Party for an Event or Sports Team

Maybe your studio has a special event that you want to tie a party-themed ride to. Use this profile as is, or change a few of the songs for ones that tie into the theme of your event. If it’s for an inspirational event, you can combine songs from this treasure trove of inspirational tracks. 

What about celebrating a win by your favorite sports team, whether local or national? Throw in a few songs related to your city, team, or sport. Every year, ICA posts updated playlists for each sport championship—just type your sport in the search box to find what you are looking for.

Next year, we will remind you about International Party Day in early April again just in case you need another reason to party. Before I decided to go with the above promotion with the cat image, I also created this one with this day in mind:

End of Covid Restrictions

I firmly believe we will be celebrating the end of worldwide restrictions, sadness, loneliness, and sickness for many years to come—and we will deserve to celebrate it! 

This profile lends itself well to this kind of party. You may want to change out a few songs with tracks from the bucket playlist found in this post for your first class after the shutdown. 

Whatever your reason for throwing a party-themed ride,
just make sure you put on your party pants! 

You will find the profile PDF and Excel files plus three playlists below.

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