Step Outside Your Musical Box: Weird Music

If you’re all about music discovery then this article will be a roller coaster ride for you. This month Jennifer, Bill Pierce, and I put together songs that we thought fell into the “weird zone.” What’s that? Well, after seeing the collection we put together, it’s fair to say that it was either the lyrics or the sounds that got them here. I was happily surprised that there was a lot of overlap between our choices too. Not sure what that says about us…perhaps we’re a little more crazy than we thought!

How would you use these songs? Well, it depends on your own personality and, of course, your audience, but there are times when you want to add a little levity to a profile or just remind your riders that you have a goofy side. Throw just one track in, or try linking several together for a segment of goofy songs.

While I am guessing that most of you will just use a few of these songs here and there, I am hoping someone has the guts and creativity to put together an entire profile from this playlist of whimsical tunes. If you do, make sure you send it to us.

Here are some ideas for a profile name:

  • Comical Climbs
  • Silly Drills
  • Wicked and Weird (see the song below)
  • Whimsical Intervals
  • Irreverent Intervals
  • Drills and Giggles
  • Lather, Laugh, Repeat (A play on the “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” interval profile. Make all the recoveries humorous songs.

Or, maybe for a few weeks or months in the summer, you devote one day a week with a promise to have a few batty songs to keep everyone entertained. Here are some names for a weekly class devoted to being a bit silly:

  • Weird-ass Wednesday (We’re partial to this one!)
  • Whimsical Wednesday
  • Funny Friday
  • Silly Saturday
  • Trashy Tuesday
  • Make-You-Laugh Monday

As usual, we love to hear your suggestions in the comments. Not just weird songs, but profile or class names too.

Also, a warning: Make sure to listen to all the lyrics before you play one of these songs in your class to make sure they pass your personal (or club’s) explicit test! Sometimes the reason these songs are weird is that they are so irreverent.

Here are some of our favorites in no particular order. For the full Spotify list please scroll to the bottom of the article. 

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