Profile: Three Climbs…Love, Spirit, Freedom

This is a profile I led at the 24-Hour Indoor Cycling Marathon in Kolding, Denmark, in January 2017. It is a mind-body journey ride over three mountains. The intensity of the climbs ranges from moderate to hard, but the focus is more about discovering the inner emotions that lead us to taking on hard challenges.

For cyclists, climbing is undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects of riding a bike, yet riding up high mountain passes has a great allure, despite the inevitable suffering on the way up. What is it that drives cyclists up those mountains?

That is what we discover in this profile. Use the lyrics of the songs to help you ascend this journey of awareness. Each of the three climbs focuses on a different emotional drive that fires us up, even when we are filled with doubt or grimacing through difficulties. The first one is love, the second is spirit or our inner soul, and the third is the freedom we seek at the top of a big climb or after completing our challenge.

You finish the ride with this quote by Andy Rooney:


Download the PDF of the profile below and the Spotify playlist. Please let me know in the comments how you enjoyed this profile! 

3 Responses to “Profile: Three Climbs…Love, Spirit, Freedom”

  1. Nick Mullett says:

    I also used this profile in my class yesterday. I switched Xavantes, Ramiro Musotto for Feel the Love, Rudimental. I had some really positive comments afterwards. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. diane.wiegel says:

    I switched a few songs, but used this profile with my group last night, was a fantastic ride. Thank you so much, Diane Wiegel

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