Mentoring in Indoor Cycling, and in Life

Want to gain the value of experience in indoor cycling?

Get a mentor.

Want to gain the satisfaction of sharing what you have learned?

Become a mentor.

Indoor cycling is a promising venue for mentoring just as it is a great metaphor for life’s experience. Mentees get the caring benefit of experience. Mentors get the chance to extend and expand the meaning of their lives. All this can be done in the context of indoor cycling.

Many of us are indoor cycling instructors because of the opportunity it provides us to make a difference in people’s lives. Being a mentor is a way to multiply that impact, not just more broadly among students but also across time to future generations. Finding a mentor is a way to become a better instructor and perhaps even form a lifelong relationship.

As a mentor, I have specifically helped newer instructors with problems such as:

  • How to deal with perceived disrespect from some students.
  • What to do when someone repeatedly performs a contraindication in their class.
  • How to talk with management about problems or new ideas.
  • How to handle the first class and survive.
  • How to deal with criticism from a student or from management.

Just like life, indoor cycling has its challenges, difficulties, and rewards. Experiencing those moments in cycling class helps us see the possibility of handling them in our larger lives. Indoor cycling enriches more than our physical health; it helps us thrive in our daily lives.

Seen in this way, indoor cycling is as good a place as any to practice the art of mentorship. It can take the form of instructor to instructor, instructor to student, or even student to instructor. 

And it’s so easy. You don’t need to join anything, pay any dues, or really even make any commitments. If you want a mentor, all you need to do is ask. If you want to find a mentee, all you need to do is offer.  

(Although mentoring is not usually a financial arrangement, sometimes gyms or other institutions will pair people up in a paid consulting kind of relationship that could also be described as mentoring.)

The benefits to both mentor and mentee are significant.  

Mentees get:


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