Mainstream Music Monday: What Will it Be? A Flat or a Climb?

Artist: Robin Schulz, James Blunt
Song: OK – Extended Version
Album: OK (The Remixes)
Time: 4:52
Genre: electronic
BPM: 122
Category: climb, surges, accelerations
Available: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

Are you looking for a pop song that appeals to the majority of riders and allows you flexibility with the terrain? This song by Robin Schulz (“Sugar” and “Waves”) and James Blunt (“You’re Beautiful”) does just that. With a bpm of 122 you can use this track as a steady hill climb, or mix it up by adding some surges on the chorus. If using this song as a flat (off beat) you can add accelerations on the chorus by asking riders to bring their cadence to an rpm that’s challenging for them.

Choruses hit on:


One Response to “Mainstream Music Monday: What Will it Be? A Flat or a Climb?”

  1. JohnAndrews says:

    Great tune Karen. Can’t wait to use it thanks for sharing.

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