Mainstream Music Monday: This Track Will Make Your Riders Work for It!

Artist: Daphne Willis, LÒNIS
Song: Work for It
Album: Work for It
Time: 2:43
Genre: pop 
BPM: 96
Category: fast flat
Available: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

Not only are the peppy beat and rhythm contagious, but the lyrics will also inspire your riders to work even harder for this effort.

This track is short and fast; you can use it two ways at higher intensity.

The first option is to target a very hard supra-threshold effort (Z5 or Z6) and just go for it and hold it the entire time. It’s short enough to squeeze out everything you have in just under 3 minutes. This is my preference, especially at this higher tempo, and makes this song the perfect addition to your shorter interval profiles with 2- to 3-minute efforts.

Another option is to ride hard, around threshold, then use the chorus to push even harder, either through increased cadence (+10 rpm to 105 rpm) or increased resistance at the same cadence. (It’s too quick for most people to be able to stand and maintain good form at 96 rpm.) The timing for these short surges would be 0:40–0:59, 1:25–1:45, and 2:05–2:25.

Use the lyrics to your advantage: ask your riders, “How bad do you want it? You gotta work for it!”

One Response to “Mainstream Music Monday: This Track Will Make Your Riders Work for It!”

  1. DaytonGraham Jr says:

    I’m wondering if anyone has used any songs by the artist(s) called Phaxe. I found 2 of their songs useful for my this week’s ride profile, and used them in a modified 3-2-1 interval arrangement. The songs are “Unforgotten” and “The Collective – Ghost Rider Remix”. I really like the beat arrangement of Unforgotten and found a variety of moves could be incorporated.

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