Mainstream Music Monday: Make the Girls Go Crazy

Artist: Lizzo
Song: Boys
Album: Boys (Remixes)
Time: 2:53
Genre: pop
BPM: 119
Category: climb 
Available: iTunes, Spotify

From Wikipedia:

“Boys” is a retro-inspired funk, pop, and electropop song that contains a heavy bassline, tinkling cowbell, and groovy guitar licks, leading to a “pop-heavy” chorus. The song has been described as containing “sparse but thumping beats.” It is lyrically described as a “bouncy” tribute to the singer’s dating pool, where she raps the lyrics “I like big boys, itty bitty boys / Mississippi boys, inner city boys.” The singer then sings in the chorus that her desiring companionship does not equal needing commitment.

This “bouncy” track released in June 2019 will “make the girls go crazy.” 

I think your whole class will go crazy!

I’ve got a disease…these days, when I hear a fun song, I can’t help but think of what theme playlists that song can fit into. I’ve dropped this track into a “Boys” playlist, one for “Crazy,” a playlist about “States” (she likes Mississippi boys!), and a new one I’ve started with songs about “Freaks.” 

The beat requires a slow 60 rpm. Just get on a climb with enough resistance to make it somewhat hard, and then stand up either rhythmically (in long jumps), or at the following intervals:


Increase resistance slightly when standing; go back to where you were when you sit down.

There are some longer remixes that you can play around with as well. Enjoy!


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