Mainstream Music Monday: Been Saving This One for Ya

Artist: Cold War Kids
Song: What You Say
Album: New Age Norms 3
Time: 3:28

Genre: alternative/indie
BPM: 117
Category: flat, accelerations, sprints

I’ve been a Cold War Kids fan since their debut album in 2006, Robbers & Cowards. I love their production and the depth of their storytelling. But this band isn’t a bunch of kids anymore. Fast-forward 17 years and their indie blues-rock has turned alternative rock to mainstream pop-rock. “What You Say” still has the CWK edge but with a more pop feel, making it more mainstream.  

In the studio, you can use the chorus for sprints or accelerations. Or you can make this a rider’s choice on a flat, letting your class pick up the cadence and slow it down as needed.  


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