Mainstream Music Monday: A Short, Hard, Fast Push

Artist: 3LAU, Ninja
Song: Game Time (feat. Ninja)
Album: Single
Time: 2:36
Genre: dance, trap 
BPM: 95
Category: flat
Available: iTunes, Spotify

Everything about this song will push you: the beat, the countdown, and the lyrics “Let’s go” and “Game time.” It’s perfect for a short, hard, fast (95 bpm) effort. Use it as a high-cadence interval in Zone 5 or even Zone 6. For a final bit of motivation, put it at the end of a time trial or FTP test. 

Take advantage of the lyrics “Game Time” and add it to a theme ride for any sporting event.

3 Responses to “Mainstream Music Monday: A Short, Hard, Fast Push”

  1. Joe Howard says:

    love it !

  2. KellyEllerman says:

    Thanks! This is a great song.

  3. KellyEllerman says:

    Ohhh, very cool! Will use for sure.

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