Magic Coaching Minute: The Warm-Up

Welcome to our new segment at ICA. We are going to provide a Magic Coaching Minute every month on various topics to further  educate and demonstrate coaching and the technical aspects of form and physiology in indoor cycling.

In this one, Jennifer and I are enjoying the USA Cycling Pro Challenge, and while in the team village before Friday’s time trial, were inspired to talk about the importance of warming up.

4 Responses to “Magic Coaching Minute: The Warm-Up”

  1. Chuck Cali says:

    Good stuff. Opening energy systems and muscle preparation not withstanding, I’m having trouble getting used to Tom with no hair.

    Perhaps an on screen wig. 🙂

    • Tom Scotto says:

      Maybe take that opening one step further to include my lack of hair 😉

      There will be no wig (unless I’m requested to do Richard Simmons again). So you will just have to deal with it… 🙂

  2. Chelsea Reed says:

    Great stuff – thank you! I teach spin a few times a week and have begun doing Time Trials once/month on a 15 K track without a warm up – will try one next time – thanks!

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