Keep it Real in Your
Indoor Cycling Classes
is a must-read e-book for both cyclists
and indoor cycling instructors alike.

Cyclists! Everything you need to know to optimize your training using indoor cycling classes can be found in these pages. Instructors! Everything you need to know about keeping your classes relevant to cycling is in this e-book.

You will learn:

  • the biomechanics of pedaling with a weighted flywheel and the huge implications it has on training techniques, cadence and pedal stroke
  • which techniques are applicable to outdoor riding and which techniques cyclists should sit out
  • how to select your gear or hill (resistance) and your cadence to best simulate what you do outside, adhering to the rules of "specificity of training"
  • 13 popular movements that all cyclists (and non-cyclists alike) should avoid in indoor cycling classes, and why
  • how to increase your climbing skills and strength indoors
  • how to improve your endurance and aerobic base
  • how to periodize your program using indoor cycling classes
  • and many more tips on how to make the most of indoor cycling classes!

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