Kala Markel, Instructor and Mainstream Music contributor

kala_markel_headshotI’ve been watching Kala for several years on one of the online indoor cycling forums and her passion for teaching has always been evident. I noticed she has something I don’t have – the ability to find mainstream music that is fun and exciting that will meet the desires of her market, while still matching the message of her profile.I knew I needed a music contributor who had tastes in and knowledge of music where my own didn’t extend. In this way ICA can reach a much wider market of instructors who prefer, or who have students who demand a more mainstream musical repertoire. Kala couldn’t be a better choice, because she embodies everything I believe an indoor cycling coach should be yet does it with pop music – I could learn something from her! šŸ˜‰ Teaching to a younger university crowd has forced her to keep the music current and exciting. I’m going to let Kala tell you a little bit about herself in her own words:

You know theĀ uncoordinated kid that always gets chosen last for dodgeball because they are the first ones tagged out and they couldn’t hit a person with a ball if they were staring them square in the eye? ThatĀ was meĀ for most of my grade school and high school career.Ā All that changed when I started college in 2003 – I found a group fitness class called SpinningĀ® and I fell in love. Finally, I could reap the benefits of working out in a group setting without the embarassment of not being able to move my hands and legs at the same time without failing all over the gym floor.

It wasn’t long before I got certified in 2008 and for the first time in my life I felt like I was an athlete. Since my initial certification in 2008, I’ve worked on bringing the best out of the riders that come to my classes at the local university. It’s been a beautiful blend of beneficial workouts set to mainstream music that has kept my passion for indoor cycling alive. In fact, it is this very passion that has led me to pursue a more health-oriented career in physical therapy. I am now on my journey to obtain my doctorate in physical therapy.