How to Coach Resistance in Your Indoor Cycling Class, Part 5

In part 4 of this series on cueing resistance I gave you critical information about how to cue resistance so that students find the amount of load or gear they need to meet the goals you set for that segment of your profile. The formula consists of a simple equation.

In this article, part 5, we’ll manipulate the variables of that vital equation. I also give you seven drills that you can use to create your own awareness exercises, solidifying the concept in your riders’ minds.  

Manipulating the variables

Knowing what you know about the basic (theoretical) mathematical equation C X R = I, when we manipulate the different variables on the left side of the equation, we can then deduce the following as it relates to coaching our riders about their resistance and intensity:

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  1. ConnieRozes says:

    Great article and explanations! I remember how hard it was for me to understand these concepts when I first started attending indoor cycling classes as a class member myself. Having profiles that actually show class members what you are saying is fantastic, and I will definitely be adding in these profiles often. Thank you!

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