Theme Ride Thursday: Hey Mama—Songs for Your Mother’s Day Playlist

For our vault…

Celebrate All Women this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner for those of you who still need to buy a card or a gift. (You’re welcome!) But this isn’t just a day to celebrate moms; it’s a day to celebrate all women who play important roles in our lives. Don’t be fooled! Moms come in many shapes and forms. Some are stepmoms or foster moms. Some are single moms who pull the entire load. Some are sisters, aunts, grandmas, or even friends—who gracefully fill the cracks as much as we’ll let them. Still others are teachers, coaches, or scout leaders shaping the futures of our children one interaction at a time. 

Some of us were born to “mother” everything, including our kids, our pets, and maybe even our spouses, while others are new moms finding their way and their voice. It is the nurturing, compassion, love, and caring that makes us mothers.

A Mother’s Day Playlist

mother's day playlistThe role of a mom is an all-encompassing job that never lets you take a day off, so let’s celebrate these women by giving them some much deserved recognition. Our Mother’s Day playlist encompasses everything from hip-hop to country, boy bands to ’90s rock ballads, and Boys II Men to Bieber, so you’re sure to have something for everyone. 

And make sure to check out our Mother’s Day profile by Susan Lafond! 

And here’s my favorite from our playlist. Enjoy this flashback from the early ’70s by The Intruders. Now go call your mom!


  1. Do you have a profile for this???

  2. Author

    Thanks for sharing Asa! We’ll add these to our playlist for next year.

  3. Here’s the playlist for my Power of Mom class tomorrow.
    (might move them around tomorrow…. 🙂 )
    Intro songs:
    Bless You – Lulu Rouge
    Mother’s Day (2015 House Dub) – The Flexican & Sef
    Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
    I’m Every Woman – Whitney Houston
    Born this Way – Lady GaGa
    Confident – Demi Lovato
    Wings – Little Mix
    I Would Die for You – Prince
    Oh Mama Hey (Original Club Mix) – Chris Cox & DJ Frankie Feat. Crystal Waters
    Woman (Oh Mama) – Joy Williams
    Unstoppable – Sia (Imes Remix)
    Stronger – Kelly Clarkson
    Cool Down:
    Isn’t She Lovely (feat. Fabyan Irvin) – Vernon Neilly, Fabyan Irvin
    You’re Beautiful – James Blunt
    Post class:
    Beautiful (7″ Canny mix) – Mandalay
    Deccan Queen – Prem Joshua

  4. Lot’s of good selections here.. Planning a Power of Mom playlist! I’ll let you know how it goes.. 🙂

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