Need a Halloween Profile? ICA has 10 Halloween Profiles for Members

The trick-or-treat bag of ICA Halloween profiles is overflowing with ten different and exciting rides—you should be able to teach a different one every day in the weeks leading up to Halloween. Here they are all in one place to make it easier for you to locate them. There may be some crossover with a few songs here and there, but remember, we’ve got well over 350 song options for you to choose from if you want to replace any of them.


Halloween Profiles:

9 Responses to “Need a Halloween Profile? ICA has 10 Halloween Profiles for Members”

  1. GillianCross says:

    While searching for Halloween tracks I came across this one!
    The ghost and the reaper-the dark element
    Clocks in at 170bpm
    Makes for a good flat road or fast climb maybe.


  2. JamesMcClain says:

    You should listen to some of the tunes you have listed on a couple of your profiles. Halloween Profile: Trick or Treat has two songs that I would not dare use. The first is A Nightmare on Elm Street, (Club Remix), Disco Phantom, the 2nd is Nightmare (Original Sinister Strings Edit). Just listen to the words, they are awful, nasty vulgar profanity.
    And then there is a song TRANSYLVANIA on the playlist for This Vampire Marriage Must Be Stopped, again words I would be embarrassed to use. ICA should be ashamed.

    • Hi James, we try not to be the music police, allowing each facility and instructor to make their own choices about what they will play. That said, “Nightmare (Original Sinister Strings Mix)” literally has zero lyrics—it’s an instrumental—a spooky one. “Nightmare on Elm Street (Club Remix)” has very few lyrics but they are spooky Halloween type lyrics: “close your eyes and welcome to the nightmare, I want your soul.” I don’t think I’d call that awful, nasty, vulgar profanity. It’s Halloween.

      For the lyrics of “Transylvania,” you can read them here:

      Nothing vulgar, nasty, or profane…just a little macabre—perfect for the theme of the ride.

      We have hundreds of songs on our Spotify Halloween playlist. Like any of our profiles, the songs are always just suggestions (we aren’t Les Mills RPM where you have to play the songs they give you). We always suggest instructors replace any song they don’t like with another from that playlist (or really, any song).

      This has been an extremely popular profile over the years.

  3. GailJohnson says:

    This morning I did the Ride For Your Lives! playlist. Tweaked a few of the songs, but kept true to the content. My class LOVED it and we all made it out alive. Thank you for all of the work on this one!

  4. 2016 UPDATE: You can ignore the comments posted last year about Johnny Bernstein’s Murder Files…they have been reinstated on iTunes! It’s GREAT stuff for your Halloween profiles, so if you can get the whole album, you’ll find use for many of the songs. A lot of them are short, so they are great for either short intervals or when you need a short recovery.

  5. Joan Dougherty says:

    Any help on finding the Johnny Bernstein songs????in the Trick or Treat Profile….I am at a loss.

    • Joan,

      I just searched and couldn’t find it either. DARN!! iTunes used to have it but not any more (if you Google Murder Files Johnny Bernstein it shows up for iTunes, but with a 2009 date). I got mine on eMusic in 2012, but they no longer have it either. I wonder why?

      I really hate when that happens, because I try to post music that instructors can find. grrrr!

      But….Murder Files is on Spotify though…

      Our playlist of over 350 songs (including many albums, similar to this one) is a good resource to find one to replace these songs.

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