Friday Favorites: Emotional Track That Evokes Climbing in Snowcapped Peaks

Artist: VNV Nation
Song: Photon
Album: Automatic
Time: 5:51
Genre: electronic, synth-pop
BPM: 138
Category: climb
Available: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

VNV Nation is a European-based alternative electronic band; many of their songs are an indispensable addition to your music library. I love their style, their powerful lyrics (when there are lyrics), and the emotion almost every track evokes. I’ve used the song “Fearless” in one of my New Year’s profiles and the song “Gratitude” whenever I need a song about being thankful (perfect for Thanksgiving). 

“Photon” is one of their songs without lyrics; it’s a perfect climbing track when you need some emotion on your journey up the mountain. The sweeping symphonic energy behind the drums practically paints a picture of towering snowcapped peaks around you, guiding you upward to the summit. 

The first minute is quieter. That works well when you have a preceding song as the base to a long climb and need a brief respite in the middle. Or, just use it as a milder start to a 6-minute climb that progressively gets harder, with the first increase at 1:00. 

There aren’t many energy breaks after that—the song is pretty consistent throughout, so there aren’t any specific places to have everyone stand at once. I would just give the class permission to sit or stand as desired, or challenge them to stay seated most of the way, ending with a group standing push to the summit for the final 30–40 seconds.

3 Responses to “Friday Favorites: Emotional Track That Evokes Climbing in Snowcapped Peaks”

  1. KellyEllerman says:

    Thanks for the suggestion of this and the other songs. I’ve been inspired to use Fearless next class! My “fear” is using a longer song like Photon with few to no breaks and not knowing how to keep the attention, intensity, focus with the class going. Is it just a matter of learning how to use silence (from me) effectively as well as succinct cueing? Maybe it’s a learning curve for them as well to have a longer song like this without me constantly telling them what to do.

  2. Sevana says:

    Really killing it with the content lately – THANK YOU!!!!

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