Friday Favorite: Not Your Same Old, Same Old Song

Artist: Phantogram
Song: Same Old Blues
Album: Three
Time: 3:31
Genre: alt rock/indie
BPM: 122
Category: climb
Available: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon

I’m scratching off a few bands I’ve been wanting to see for a while from my bucket list this summer, and Phantogram is one of them. I fell in love with them back in 2009 when their album Eyelid Movies was released. If the name sounds familiar, it’s likely you’ve heard “When I’m Small” or “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” on your local alt-rock radio station or on AltNation.

Today I want to introduce you to my all-time favorite song for the cycling studio from their 2016 album. “Same Old Blues” is a bit of gospel meets electronic, as chants and claps are laced throughout the song. The beat allows you to easily climb in and out of the saddle and it motivates you to keep pushing for the summit. At 2:22, all hell breaks loose with a hard synth baseline. This is your chance to up the ante,  throw on some additional gear, and stay seated through the end of the song. The resistance should mimic the lyrics here: “I keep having this dream where I’m stuck in a hole and I can’t get out. There’s always something that’s pulling me down, down, down.” 

Try it out and tell me what you think. I’d LOVE to hear your feedback. 

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  1. StaceyMickey says:

    Oh, so good.

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