Certifications and Programs

Looking to get certified?

We will try to cover as many legitimate indoor cycling certification programs as possible on these pages.

Cycling Fusion Program

Cycling Fusion Program - The Road MapCycling Fusion has developed the most comprehensive program for indoor cycling which includes 3 levels of certification; Essential Training, Heart Zones® Training, and Teaching with Power. In addition, they provide many valuable tools and assets such as online workshops, instructional videos, virtual ride DVDs and Class Builder™, the most powerful mobile app for the indoor cycling instructor.

Review of the Real Ryder bikes
Jennifer Sage, October 31, 2011
real_ryder Over the past year I have gotten many inquiries asking my opinion on the Real Ryder bikes. I took the very first Real Ryder certification back in January in Los Angeles, so it’s about time I post what I think about these unique bikes that move side to side. . . . keep reading
C.O.R.E Cycling
C.O.R.E Cycling INTEGRITY, SAFETY, CONNECTION, RIGOUR – These thoughtfully chosen values distinguish C.O.R.E Cycling™ from other indoor cycling certification programs. Anchored in these values, our program delivers the knowledge and skill to inspire an average instructor to become an extraordinary coach capable of bringing out the highest potential, in themselves and others. . . . keep reading

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