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Tour de France Cliffs Notes

If you are one of those instructors who loves to bring the experience of riding outdoors to your indoor riders, now is the time to get them excited. Give them a taste of the Tour de France (TDF) and introduce them to some of the fun we enjoy during one of the greatest sporting events of all time. Here are some recommendations for leaning TDF lingo, visualizing the terrain and intensity, and connecting the experience of outdoor cycling to your indoor riders.


More FUN Tour de France Stuff to Share!

Ah, these three weeks in July are probably my favorite of the entire year; few things get me more excited than the Tour de France! Here are a few of the fun TDF resources and trivia I’ve found over the past few days over social media and a few online searches. They can all add to your own TDF classes by helping you make your classes and program more interesting and to spice up your coaching.


Teaching Tour de France Stages in Your Spinning Classes? Here Are Some Fun Resources!

Who watched Stage 1 of the Tour de France today? Edge of your seat exciting!! Sorry that Cavendish is most likely out, but happy for Kittel’s win and, of course, that my very favorite Jens Voigt is in red and white. The British fans are proving that they are truly some of the biggest cycling […]