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No RPM? No Problem! This RPM App is a Game Changer!

Do your bikes have consoles? No? You aren’t alone. While the wave of technology certainly is prevalent in many studios and gyms around the world, it’s not yet ubiquitous. But we’ve got great news for you! Introducing the first smartphone app that reads cadence…and it’s very reliable!


Technology is Here to Stay for Indoor Cycling Instructors and Studios

Technology can help you teach your classes, it can help your riders improve their performance, and best of all (at least from a business standpoint), it can raise you above your competition and fill your classes. You might as well learn the technology that is available to our industry and how to capitalize on it. Gene Nacey of Cycling Fusion will be providing us with monthly tech tips. Read more to find out about a few of the upcoming topics in this exciting area of studio cycling!


Another Reason NOT to Ride Aero In a Spinning Class

Are you or your riders ever tempted to ride in an aero position in your indoor cycling or Spinning class? This Bicycling magazine article will show you conclusively that it’s not really a good idea!


Tech Tip: BPM Widget

UPDATE: It appears the original location for BPM Widget is no longer active. I’ve updated the link to an alternate location. Sorry about that.

In this video I demonstrate how the FREE BPM Widget for Mac is used to determine the BPM (beats per minute) of a song. This widget works beautifully with iTunes, since it has the ability to add the BPM to the song with one click.