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FTP Field Testing Music Tips and Suggestions

Without question, music is an essential component of what makes indoor cycling so successful and fun. FTP field tests have a unique requirement and require high-energy, rhythmic tempos that help you turn the pedals in the range of the mid-80s to mid-90s rpm. We’ve got two Spotify playlists with over 200 songs—one with electronic genres and the other with rock, alternative, indie, and hip-hop tracks. Plus, we provide three full Spotify playlists for your FTP tests. We’ve got you covered!


20-Minute FTP Test: Coaching Play by Play

Training with power is the best way to set benchmarks, determine workout intensities, and measure improvement. When you are ready to start leading 20-minute FTP tests, we’ve got everything you need in this Coaching Play by Play. It contains information on how to prepare your riders for FTP tests, what elements you should control during the test so it is reliably repeatable, the protocol to follow, and minute-by-minute motivational cues to coach your riders through this challenging event. 


Can You Guess This Profile Objective?

While putting the finishing touches on a power profile for ICA, I put myself through the workout so I can experience the entire training session at the desired intensity. The two times I’ve taught it I obviously couldn’t be at that effort and teach it effectively, and I can attest that it’s a good one! I uploaded the training file here and challenge everyone to analyze—or guess—the training objective.


Estimating Functional Threshold Power

Learn about the four practical ways to estimate functional threshold power using a shorter, less strenuous time trial.


Audio Master Class: EDM Muscle Madness

Profile objective: To vehemently defy the cycling cardio gods with a dance of strength. Think of performing 1260 single leg squats; this profile requires no imagination.

The mention of “dance of strength” was not just a fun euphemism; get ready to bring your bike and legs on the dance floor with some powerful EDM (electronic dance music).


Power Outage

After we posted the series Power to the Masses, a number of people reported that is was difficult for some of their riders to hit the power-to-weight target of two times their body weight in watts. There are a number of possible reasons for this. Let’s look at a few factors that can affect your power-to-weight ratio.


The Power Couple: Combining Heart Rate and Watts

Measuring power in cycling has been all the rage for a number of years. Many of the athletes I train as a coach are enamored with the amount of watts they generate. The ability to measure power output for a given effort is an excellent representation of the amount of work being produced, but does it tell the entire story?


Power to the Masses, Part 4: Form

Over the past three weeks, we have provided three alternative methods of introducing and using power in your indoor cycling classes—Power CTW. We look forward to feedback on the methods you tried and how your riders responded. To keep track of all of those powerful efforts, we have created a form that your riders can use. Download it here. Two versions of the form are included: one using power-to-weight in pounds, and the other in kilograms.


Power to the Masses, Part 1

As more and more indoor bikes arrive equipped with power meters, the quest for ways to use this new tool can be frustrating. I’ve witnessed everything from a mega-complicated threshold drill with convoluted calculations to extremely simple and very wrong applications of watts, best described as WTF (not an acronym for watts per threshold test or anything remotely appropriate).

This series will present three simple methods for incorporating power into your classes so that everyone, from the weight-loss conscious fitness enthusiast to the outdoor cyclist, can participate and have fun.


FTP for the Powers That Be

If you are a fan of FTP (Functional Threshold Power) or are aching to learn more, enjoy this article from one of the masters of power, Joe Friel.

In the upcoming weeks, ICA will present a series entitled “Power for the Masses.” This series will explore three different ways we can incorporate power in our classes. These articles will be especially beneficial for those who have struggled to implement FTP and are looking for additional power “tools” for their indoor cycling instructor belt.