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Magic Coaching Minute

Welcome to the Magic Coaching Minute, a new segment on ICA. We will bring you a coaching suggestion via video once or twice a month. The first Magic Coaching Minute is with Gene Nacey of Cycling Fusion, filmed and produced at the Cycling Fusion Headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA. In this video, we analyze a rider’s poor technique as demonstrated by Gene, and try to assess the best way to correct his form. The issue is a very jerky pedal stroke while climbing out of the saddle. The rider often looks like he’s on a pogo stick. How do you fix it?


Magic Coaching Moment Video: Be Prepared

Here is a quick instructor tip that will help you be more prepared than ever for your classes. After this, you will never forget anything ever again!On my trip to Buffalo Athletic Club in July, I met some wonderful instructors who really go out of their way for their students.


Magic Coaching Moment Video: Understanding Toe Straps on Indoor Cycling Bikes

As I traveled around North America for 12 years with the Spinning program to well over a hundred clubs certifying instructors, one thing I encountered again and again was a lack of understanding about toe straps and how they work. This video explains what to do.


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