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My Cycling Class Today: The Importance of Proper Bike Setup

Just because someone has been riding for a while doesn’t mean they’ve ever been walked through a proper bike setup by an instructor.


My Cycling Class (That I Took) Today: Instructor Feedback

Here’s a spin on our new series, My Cycling Class Today. Instructor and guest writer Apryl Stern comments on a recent class she took at a new gym. It’s all about reflecting, learning, and growing.


My Cycling Class Today: Turning an Uncertain Newcomer into a Satisfied Regular

It was a busy night. All the bikes were booked and the profile I was teaching was very challenging for the riders. It was also cue-rich and required my careful attention on the responses of everyone in the room. My heart sunk when I realized that two of the bikes had been reserved by newcomers to my class.


“My Cycling Class Today”—Another Way for ICA to Help Instructors!

In the twenty years I’ve been a master instructor educating indoor cycling instructors around the world (first for Spinning®, then for the last five years with ICA), I’ve come to know what challenges many instructors are struggling with. I’ve often had a revelation while teaching one of my own classes that I’ve thought would be helpful for other instructors to know about.


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