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Facebook Live: Holiday Gifts for Instructors

I did a Facebook Live video on my Stages bike at home to show you a few of the gift ideas for instructors we posted earlier this month. This way you get to learn a little more about them. There are some great products and ideas, plus some excellent discounts.


Indoor Cycling is Alive and Well! A Review of IHRSA

Here are my photos and description of my experience at the IRHSA trade show last week in Los Angeles. I can tell you that I’m really excited for the indoor cycling industry—it is alive and well! A rising tide lifts all boats and I think this tide is continuing to rise!


The First, Latest, and Greatest iBook on Power for Indoor Cycling

With so many Indoor Cycling instructors now beginning to teach on bikes with power, Gene’s focus is on simplifying the jargon and educating the reader from ground zero is more important than ever. The latest iBook features provide an incredible set of tools to make this a much more engaging experience than one would normally find in a book like this.