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How Indoor Cycling Instructors, Studios, and Clubs Can Protect Themselves From Lawsuits

Last week a lawsuit was filed against SoulCycle alleging negligence on the part of the studio and the instructor that led to a serious injury by the plaintiff. This is a case that instructors and studios around the world should be watching closely. In this article, we provide 13 best practices to help protect yourself from legal actions. You may want to share this with your entire staff and with your peers in the industry.


The (Legal) Use of YouTube Videos

Just because we’ve gotten away with it doesn’t mean it is legal or right. Are we as instructors using purchased videos (DVDs, downloaded, or streaming) or videos freely downloaded from the web legally? As the popularity of video and virtual rides in cycling studios increases across the country, what do we need to know to avoid legal repercussions as instructors and for the clubs we teach?