Yoga stretches for back pain – Bicycling magazine

By Jennifer Sage On February 28, 2012 Under General Advice

SpinningBicycling magazine posted a few good stretches that target the back, that are good for cyclists (and indoor cyclists I might add). Especially those who ride/teach almost daily. Look at the position we hold on the bike: hip flexion and rounded shoulders. That is why it’s always good to stretch in the opposite direction after every ride. Also make sure to keep your core and upper back muscles strong, through exercises done OFF the bike!

These stretches are also good for people who sit at a desk most of the day – which is what my days have become since starting ICA and writing content for the website, for this blog, for Active.com and other sources. Hmmm, that reminds me – maybe it’s time I stand up, stretch and go do some of these yoga poses!

Click here to read the Bicycling.com article.


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