What to say when your Spinning students want to do crunches

By Jennifer Sage On September 29, 2012 Under Contraindications

Spinning contraidicationFluff. That’s what so many of these contraindicated movements are, the ones that are popular in so many classes around the world. Almost all of them have zero benefit, many are very high risk (to knee, hip, spine, or shoulder joints or to the musculature of the body), but most are plain and simply ineffective at doing what they purport to do—like lifting 1-lb weights to strengthen the upper body or doing oblique crunches sitting upright. So basically, they are all just fluff.

Fluff that takes away from your opportunity to do some real work and obtain real results.

Hold that thought for a moment, I’m going off-topic.

Today I was reading about an online educational internet marketing event that I’m interested in taking. As you no doubt know, ICA is an online educational business, so I’m always looking for ways to improve how I can deliver my product. I was reading the description of the event and came across this line:

Fluff Free (if you want fluff, you can go pet a bunny).

I LOVE it! I instantly thought of contraindicated moves in an indoor cycling class! Think of how you can use that phrase when describing your classes. Tell them, “This is a fluff-free zone. If you want fluff, you can go pet a bunny. You’ll get about as fit doing that as doing the fluff on the bike.”


(Incidentally, I signed up for the online training. I like the courses they are offering, but I’m sure the creativity had something to do with convincing me!)


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  1. pascal hannecart
    September 29, 2012
    11:17 pm #comment-1

    Funny because this morning, on weekend I teach on rotation so I have people who come from EVERY kind of “instructors” …, I had 2 womans that were full into tri position …
    After remarking it 2 times without any reaction, I just said: “I have done my job as instructor, I explain you to what to do, why and how and the reason for it, if some do not want to hear the information, it is theyr problem, on a security level I have done my job; so do not come later to complain …”.
    My manager at that gym, send me a strange email and I hope for her that it is not the subject, I really appreciate her but there is a time where you need to say enought is enought and go where you are 200% recognized by all management levels; the problem some facility management do not see the difference between a constructive complain and a destructive one … not seeing that at the end they lose more following the destructive one’s.

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