“What Happens in a Spinning® Class” – a video review

By Jennifer Sage On April 28, 2012 Under Business of Coaching/Teaching, General Advice
Spinning instructor Peggy Dyer

Spinning® instructor Peggy Dyer

An instructor sent me this link in Facebook to a video on About.com titled “What Happens in a Spinning Class.” (I am unable to embed the video here).

Sometimes the things you read or watch on About.com are a bit iffy, because they don’t always seek out experts who have a solid background in what they are talking about – especially some of the fitness advice. So when I saw the title “What Happens in a Spinning Class” I have to admit, I prepared myself for the worst. I had visions of them lifting weights and doing pushups on the bike, and pedaling at breakneck cadences while bouncing around like popcorn.

But, I was in for a pleasant surprised… Hey, it’s Peggy Dyer! I know Peggy, and she does an awesome job in this video! Everything she says is correct and is truly sound advice (mind you, the singing part is optional). You can see in the video that Peggy is passionate, and she is very engaging with her students and cares about them. That is her to a “T”! She is a fabulous instructor who asks her students to do more than they think they can. And yes, she does sing in her classes, and so do many of her students. She uses the singing when she wants to keep them in their aerobic zone and to connect with their breath. Peggy draws a very specific audience who love the singing and who love her. Not every instructor will connect with every student, so a facility owner should be delighted to have instructors who cater to different populations. And the population that Peggy caters to is often overlooked by some clubs and instructors.

Peggy teaches at Breathe Denver Yoga and Cycling and Yoga in addition to the Mountains Edge in Boulder shown in this video, and I know she has a passionate following there as well. The owner of Breathe, Sarah Russell, tells me that Peggy’s classes sell out quickly and have a wait list every week. She often attracts new students who want to lose weight, many of whom are afraid or intimidated to go into other classes. Once they are no longer “newbies”, they keep coming back because of her passion, coaching and inspiration.

Peggy’s own story is another reason why she inspires her students. She has lost over 60 lbs through indoor cycling. Her students love to know that with commitment, they too can follow her footsteps.

By the way, Peggy’s class at the Mountain’s Edge was voted one of Boulder’s top workouts in 2011!

One small point…I only wish that on this popular website About.com they would have called it Indoor Cycling instead of Spinning®. While I know that Peggy is a certified Spinning® instructor, and her advice is in alignment with what Spinning® preaches in their manual, it still should be called Indoor Cycling when using the generic term on a national website, and when using bikes that are not “Spinning®” bikes (these are Schwinn). Both facilities where Peggy teaches have excellent management and programs that Keep it Real in all cycling classes (I know both amazing owners and several of the instructors at Mountains Edge and Breathe). But neither are official licensed Spinning® studios; they are indoor cycling studios. Does it matter? It does not matter for the quality of the facility – you can have excellent and not-so-excellent instructors and facilities who can be Spinning® or Indoor Cycling. But, please read this post on whether the Spinning® brand matters and how all instructors and students should respect the use of the term, whether doing actual Spinning® or not.

Peggy told me that she did try to tell them not to use “Spinning”, but About.com insisted on using the term. That is because “Spinning” is the most important searchable keyword that people use to search for this topic on the internet. In that case, they should have used the ®. When Good Morning America highlighted Flywheel a few weeks ago, I found out afterward that the owner of Flywheel did tell the network NOT to use the term “Spinning”, but they didn’t care and used it blatantly anyway.

Anyways, this doesn’t distract from the wonderful message in this About.com video, and in Peggy’s classes. Thank you Peggy for spreading the word of true safe and effective indoor cycling!



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