Were those intervals?? :o

By Jennifer Sage On November 18, 2011 Under General Advice

Spinning musicYesterday’s class was hard. I did my Rock n Roller High Cadence climbs (this ride was a popular audio profile on my previous website, and will soon be added to the master class library on ICA). They are short high intensity climbs done at higher cadences, using the songs as guidelines for cadence, from 71-85rpm. Following each one is a 2-1/2 to 3-minute recovery song. Coaching this ride is really fun.

By the second or third climb, they were reaching a point of breathlessness by about halfway into the climb. During the recovery, I coached them to pedal at whatever pace felt good to them, as long as it was over 75-80rpm, and to bring the HR down to Zone 1 and enjoy the recovery. I even stressed how different this was from my previous week’s class, in which we did a long flat road after two separate climbs, but in that case the goal wasn’t recovery but to remain at a working tempo pace (Zone 3, about 15-ish beats below threshold).

I didn’t say the word “interval”, until the cool down. I congratulated them on a job well done and highlighted how proper recovery in between efforts allow you to reach your desired target during the effort. Then I said, “Another description for what we just did is lactate tolerance intervals, but that is such a technical term, not as fun as ‘Rock and Roller Climbs’!”

One of my students in the back, a long-time regular student (5+ years) who rarely pays attention and often does her own thing, but tells me she loves my class and is really upset when I am not there or when I went from two to one class a week, said, “Wait…..Intervals? That was intervals?”

Lord help me. Is there a bruise on my forehead where I pounded it against the wall??


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