Training for the Epic Aspen virtual ride!

By Jennifer Sage On August 15, 2011 Under Outdoor Cycling, Virtual Rides

Epic Planet is coming to Colorado!

Last year, Allen of Epic Planet and I were planning on filming one of his virtual rides here in Colorado, but we were unable to make the timing work. So I guess you can say this has been a full year of planning! Being that Colorado is a cycling mecca, and the scenery is so incredibly beautiful, I have a very strong feeling that our Epic Aspen ride that we will be filming will be the BEST of their entire library!

Or…maybe I’m a tad biased…. 😉

Allen arrived today to film another Colorado virtual ride up Mount Evans this Wednesday, the tallest paved road in the US – to 14,000 feet (4,267m) – not my idea of a lot of fun! Anything over 12,000 feet (3,657m) and your legs turn to lead. I think I’d rather watch that one on the DVD! We have our ride and video shoot planned for this coming Friday. We will start in the historic former mining town and current ski center of Aspen, and then ride up two amazing climbs with spectacular views. Keep your fingers crossed for more excellent weather for our ride; we had the most picture perfect glorious days this past week and it just turned cloudy today.

The team for Epic Aspen will be me and 3 of my girlfriends, including one of my Spinning students. One of the girls, Deb, is the western representative for Terry bicycles and was instrumental in convincing Terry to provide ICA members with the Ambassador Program, offering an unprecedented 50% off Terry clothing and saddles just for being a member! (Didn’t know that? Read about it here!)

I’m excited to announce that Terry will be sponsoring us on our Epic Planet virtual ride and providing our jerseys. At least we know we’ll look great…

Here is my friend Deb and me on our training ride yesterday.

Spinning and Cycling

Beauitful Colorado

Spinning training for Cycling

We did more than 5,000 feet of elevation gain, beginning here at Cordillera. Once you make that right turn at the switchback in the photo above, it rises up to 9 to 11% for almost a mile and then lets up a bit, but keeps climbing up and up and up (and then down and up), anywhere from 5-12%! Thank goodness for all those climbing preparation Spinning classes this Spring!

Keep your ears open for more news on the upcoming Epic Aspen virtual ride coming your way this fall. Oh, and ICA will be helping Allen of Epic Planet with a very cool project that will be extremely helpful for anyone considering doing virtual rides at their facility. Teaching to video is truly one of the new waves of the future. It will never replace you as an instructor, but it is really fun to do and it can expand your repertoire exponentially. I can’t let the cat out of the bag quite yet about this project, but it’s going to be VERY helpful!

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