Tom Scotto Makes Boston’s Top 10 Spinning Instructor List

By Jennifer Sage On January 11, 2013 Under Continuing Ed and Events, Keep it Real

A hearty congratulations to Cycling Fusion’s director of education and ICA contributor Tom Scotto for being selected as #3 in Boston’s Rate Your Burn Top 10 Spinning / Cycling Instructors of the Year!

Tom Scotto Spinning Class

This is a real honor for Tom, and it’s an honor for me to know him. If it was me voting, he’d be #1! In my 16 years of traveling to train Spinning┬« and cycling instructors, presenting at and attending conferences, and experiencing master trainers from all programs, I can honestly say that in my opinion, Tom Scotto is one of the hardest working and most well-rounded instructors/coaches/presenters in this industry. I might even say in the world! Yup, I seriously believe that. Why? Well, just for starters, a few of Tom’s qualities include:

  • He’s a long-time cyclist so he knows this sport inside and out.
  • He’s a successful racer (sprinting specialist) so when he teaches you about explosive power, you better listen!
  • He knows his physiology and biomechanics, better than almost any MI I’ve met.
  • He is entertaining, engaging, and inspirational when he teaches.
  • He is funny.
  • He is exceptional at putting together profiles that are cycling specific and very targeted, but that take into account the non-cyclists’ need for variety.
  • He is a people person, so he is very skilled at connecting with students (both in his cycling classes and when teaching seminars for instructors).
  • As a presenter, he can take a complicated topic (physiology or biomechanics) and make it interesting and easier to understand.
  • He has what you call stage presence; his public speaking skills are excellent.
  • Also as a presenter, he’s very skilled on the technical side of things, so his Powerpoint presentations are excellent (seriously Tom, is there anything you can’t do?? He designs the Cycling Fusion website for gosh sake!).
  • And get this: his degree is in music, and as a musician (most notably a drummer) he really understands how to use the power of music to motivate riders in his classes. As a result, his playlists are very powerful. What other instructors do you know have that going for them?!
  • He even creates some of his own music for his classes; tunes that are planned around the desired rpm he is looking for.
  • He practices what he preaches: he is one of the most fit riders/instructors I’ve ever encountered (and knowing how much he works, I seriously don’t know how he does it!).

I am honored to know many top-notch presenters in the indoor cycling and fitness industry, but few of them have a collection of qualities as extensive as Tom.

One of the things I appreciate the most about Tom Scotto is that he has a very big heart and is willing to spend time with a student or an instructor when they don’t understand something. He bends over backwards to help others.

On TOP of all of that, he is a devoted father!

[EDIT: I forgot to add that he is really very humble too; no big ego on this guy!]

Tom and I met in a roundabout way through my e-book Keep it Real about four years ago. When he read it, he realized he wasn’t alone in his passion for improving the quality of instruction in the indoor cycling world. From the moment we first spoke, we recognized that we espoused the same ideas, and I am fortunate to call him a dear friend as well as fellow master trainer.

So where can you experience more of Tom Scotto? If you are an instructor and want to learn from the best of the best, join the Indoor Cycling Association, where Tom is one of our favorite contributors (along with many others). If you want to get certified as an instructor, Tom has helped develop the live and online certifications and workshops offered by Cycling Fusion. (FYI, ICA members receive a 20% discount on the Cycling Fusion Basics course.)

You can also ride with Tom in the more recent Global Ride virtual ride DVDs, and during the Cycling Fusion Winter Training.

And finally, if you are an enthusiast in the Boston area, or are visiting the area and want to keep up your indoor cycling classes with one of the best, Tom teaches at Equinox, the Boston Sports Club, and the Wellbridge Athletic Club.


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