Title 9 anniversary – ladies, are we ready to celebrate?

By Jennifer Sage On June 24, 2012 Under General Fitness and Health, Misc

40 years ago today, here in the US, Title 9 was signed into law by Richard Nixon (hey, he was good for something I guess!) Title 9 prohibited any discrimination in schools based on gender. While its reach was far more than just athletics, women’s sports is one of the most salient areas that was affected, leading to the required funding for the first time of girls’ and women’s team sports in schools (high school and college), which ultimately had an enormous effect on the self-confidence and physical and mental health of millions of young women. I saw this great Nike ad and decided to add a few of my own suggestions:

Here are my additions for your indoor cycling classes and/or outdoor rides, or wellness in general (of course men are invited to celebrate as well, in fact, we challenge you to do these with us):

  • Do Over/Under intervals – they are nine-minutes long! (We teach you how on ICA)
  • Do nine hill repeats of 3 min at just over threshold. Yup, that’s hard! But you’re in peak mode right now, aren’t you?! Just recover well the next day.
  • Do three sets of 3X30sec. That’s a 30sec push to Zone 5 (but not a sprint) and 30 sec recovery X 3. Then recover 3 min, then do it again. Recover 3 min, then do it a third time. Your legs will be wildly celebrating the total of nine 30-sec high intensity reps. Only 4.5 total minutes but believe me it will feel like a lot more!
  • Do a long climb alternating sitting and standing for a minute each, nine times. Total 18 min.
  • Do a 90-min endurance ride in high zone 2 – no higher. Celebrate the aerobic benefits.
  • Make a meal that includes nine different vegetables!
  • Find nine things to be grateful for RIGHT NOW as you are sitting here reading this.
  • Go LIKE the Indoor Cycling Association page on Facebook….OK, that was a shameless plug and you can’t do it 9 times… but we’ll still love you for it! 😉

Some of the things that I enjoyed in school were a direct result of Title 9. Let us never forget it. But don’t give up ladies, we’ve still got some more fighting to do to be equal, especially when it comes to equal pay! As an entreprenuer I don’t have to worry about that, but I do worry about the women in this country not being treated equally in business.

…and that’s the most political you’ll see me get here on Sage Advice! Go ride your bike! 😉


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  1. Dane Boyle
    June 26, 2012
    12:55 am #comment-1

    I had the pleasure of coaching HS girls sports: basketball, track and tennis and was privileged to be involved in the lives of many great young women that have grown into independent strong women; without Title IX I would not have had that priveldge. Title IX has an impact in both men and women.

    Also, I’ll never forget the first girl that was on my LL team, she was really good and if you could play I didn’t care if you were a girl, boy or blue I just wanted you on my tram.

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