Think twice before ordering that “Skinny Latté”

By Jennifer Sage On October 27, 2011 Under General Advice

I’ve never, ever liked skim milk. It’s white water. And putting it in coffee, or my latté…get real!

I went to a new café in Denver last week and asked for whole milk for my tea. They said, “sorry, we don’t have any! No one ever asks for it!” But, they had half-and-half! Go figure. So I mixed some cream with skim milk…

I hate to break it to ya, but….I’ve got news for you skim milk types…. Read this article called “Is skim milk making you fat?”

Maybe you’re gonna wanna start ordering yours whole, and just cut some calories somewhere else.

I for one will always choose natural/real/un-messed-up products over artificial, hydrogenated, or chemical anything, even if it means more calories, fat or sugar. Mmmmm, butter! Fair warning, if I come to dinner at your house, I can smell margarine (that hydrogenated plastic smelling and tasting artificial yellow goop) a mile away in a meal! 😉


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