The Jensie roars to glory at Beaver Creek and I wimp out

By Jennifer Sage On August 24, 2012 Under Outdoor Cycling, Tour de France

On Wednesday August 22, I spent the entire day at over 11,000 feet near the top of Independence Pass for stage 3 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. It was one of the most exciting stages I’ve ever seen, including all the Tour de Frances (lots) and one Giro d’Italia I’ve been to. I’ll be posting my videos and the few photos I took in the next day or two.

Then, today I was going to go to Stage 4, which ended at the ski area of Beaver Creek, only about 25 miles from my house. I was feeling stressed because the amount of work I have (I am admittedly behind on some writing), so when I heard the weather report with a 95% chance of heavy rain and flash flood warnings in the area for the afternoon, and being kind of a wimp in cold rain (I would have ridden to the top) I thought, “oh, good reason not to go. I’ll work instead.”

Well, that was a decision I’ll be regretting the rest of my life. My very favorite rider of all time, Jens Voigt, known on Twitter as The Jensie, won the stage by a 3+ minute gap after a solo breakaway almost the entire stage. And...it did not rain! I’ve gotta say, I am really hating the weathermen at this moment!

As I watched the last 10 miles on my iPhone Tour Tracker, I almost started to cry. It was too late, I couldn’t have gotten there in time to see anything (the 3km route to the top would have been closed off). The announcers were saying that the crowd at Beaver Creek was the biggest they’d seen so far. And it was one less person….me. 🙁

Maybe I’ll drive to Boulder on Saturday (despite the writing projects looming over my head) for the stage there. But one thing is certain, Jen Voigt won’t be doing another solo breakaway.

Ah well, I’m going to have to live with it.

In case you missed it, here is an exciting video – the first interview with Jens after he crossed the finish line. I love his comment about the voices in his head who told him to go for it!

Me? I shouldn’t have listened to the voice in my head which said to stay home!

[Note: there was so much other cycling news today that unfortunately darkened Jens’ day of glory, about Floyd Landis and huge news about Lance Armstrong. But I’m not in the mood to comment about Lance. I’ve got to process it first.]


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