That’s MY Spinning bike!

By Jennifer Sage On June 17, 2012 Under Humor, studio management

Facebook can be so fun sometimes! Look what someone posted on my Facebook wall.
Who hasn’t seen this in their facilities?

I wonder how many Spinning or cycling studios around the world will post this image in their cycling room? My Facebook page has almost 60 “shares” so far. Might it send a subtle (or not so subtle) message that this is a pretty childish way to behave? You may want to download this image and post it in your studio. Get permission first if it’s not your own studio, but I bet the owner/manager will find it humorous. Sometimes humor is a great way to get a point across without directly picking on the people who act like this.

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  1. Bill Hoffman
    June 22, 2012
    3:11 pm #comment-1

    This is funny.

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 5:45 AM, back row 3rd bike from the right, that’s “MY BIKE”. Front row, 3rd bike, that’s Sherri’s bike. Front row 7th bike belongs to Keith. Back row first bike is Tim’s, 4th bike is Bonnie’s, 5th bike is Karen’s, 7th bike is Larry’s. We all show up at 5:00 when the gym opens and claim our bike. If for some unknown reason I am late and you were there on “MY BIKE” I wouldn’t throw a tantrum or ask you to get off ‘MY BIKE”. I would just give you a dirty look and choose one of the non-owned bikes. But make sure you understand, next time I WILL BE THERE BEFORE YOU and claim ‘MY BIKE”.

    • Rose O' Donovan
      July 1, 2012
      7:03 am #comment-2

      Excellent – I love your dedication!!! I don’t mind people pulling their own saddles to their hearts when others come in with 2 minutes to a start line with no towel and water!! Sometimes I even tell a member thats Daves bike!!! 🙂 oopps and I am an instructor but my Dave is dedicated!! Anyone that downloads and mails their heart rate profile has a right to “their bike” 🙂

  2. Kurtis
    July 19, 2012
    3:31 am #comment-3

    Love it!

  3. Marcel Schroen
    August 19, 2012
    3:21 am #comment-4

    Next time when this happence , asked the participant if the problem really is MY BIKE or is it the position where the bike stands. I know its a commen problem in cycling rooms ,but how can they tell when the bikes are not numberd that its There Bike. In the Gym where i go to , the bikes gets every time switched when the floor gets cleaned and they are not numberd. But there is one person who has to sit close to the door, she also says its MY BIKE .When they told her that bikes gets changed all the time, she became very quiet and realized that the problem is not MY BIKE but the place where she wants to sit.From that moment on she started to change places but still close to the door :))
    To switch the bikes all the time is also better for the saddles.This way the saddles keeps strait and dont gets crooked as most saddles do when only one person sits on MY BIKE :PPPP

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