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Push-ups While Spinning: Why or Why Not?

By Jennifer Sage On February 18, 2013 10 Comments

Superfluous moves that have nothing to do with real cycling are pretty rampant these days in indoor cycling classes and studios around the world. These include popular techniques such as push-ups, crunches, one-arm and no-arm pedaling, hovers, tap-backs, and many more. If you are lucky enough not to have seen this style of “Spinning” or indoor cycling before, then here’s your chance in this YouTube video of a German cycling class that contains some of the most aggressive “push-ups” I’ve seen. [Of course, this is not true Spinning®, as the official program does not teach or condone ineffective and unsafe moves such as this. But the vast majority of the population still refers to any indoor cycling as such, hence the quotation marks.]

Warning: Turn down your volume before you view this video.

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“Spinning” and Core Training video (ummmm, not really…)

By Jennifer Sage On February 10, 2012 No Comments

A facility in Southern California called Studio Sweat has announced that it is going to start offering online streaming videos of its “Spinning” classes. They have several of them posted on their site. Here is one they call “SpinCore”.

Before you watch it, has anyone here taken the official “Spin® and Core” Continuing Education Course from Mad Dogg Athletics and Spinning®? I used to teach it….and I have to say, it looks nothing like this……

I use “Spinning” above and in the title of this blog post very loosely – quoting their title on their video. The immediate problem is the blatant misuse of the Spinning® trademark when what they are doing is most certainly not Spinning®. If you are going to call something “Spinning” there are some very important criteria to adhere to,

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This could be one the craziest (and most dangerous) Indoor Cycling classes I’ve seen

By Jennifer Sage On October 27, 2011 13 Comments

EDIT Dec 2015: It appears Youtube has removed this video for copyright violations. I always wondered how it stayed up for as long as it did since she used a popular song in its entirety. Even though you can’t watch it, please continue to read the evaluation of these moves below…I am sure you can conjure up a visual in your head! 😉 

This is Fitness and “Spinning” Gone Wrong*

As a new feature on the Sage Advice Blog, I’ll be posting new videos as I find them and analyzing what is good about them or what is lacking from a biomechanical, physiological, anatomical, exercise science, cycling and just plain common-sense perspective. If you are new to this blog, make sure to read the

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