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…now you can see what a 23.5% grade looks like!

By Jennifer Sage On September 5, 2011 5 Comments

Two blog posts ago I wrote about how I taught Stage 15 in my Spinning® class, especially up the Angliru, the steepest climb of the Vuelta (and perhaps of any stage race in the world).

Now you can see the finish right here, up the 23.5% section. Can you say “ouch”? Juan JosĂ© Cobo, the winner of the stage, seems to fly up it at a fairly consistent cadence (and not a slow one at that). Was it lower gears?

Watch at the 2:15 and 2:43 mark, as Bradley Wiggins and his teammate Froome flounder and waver back and forth, struggling to turn the pedals.

Any of you want to climb this monster?

Click here to see some awesome photos of this climb.


EDIT: If the country you’re in does not allow you to view this video, go to Steephill.tv and scroll down to stage 15, underneath the race standings are

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One rider’s journey from suffering to triumph – the REAL thing!

By Jennifer Sage On August 29, 2011 2 Comments

What a rider looks like as he emerges from the Pain Cave

“One rider’s journey from suffering to triumph”

That is the tagline for my Alpe d’Huez ride that I’ve presented at numerous conferences and Master Classes since 2003. It is coached as if the instructor is the voice in the rider’s head, and the students are the rider, a young domestique in his first Tour de France. The dialogue describes his thoughts as he suffers after dropping off the back of the peleton, and then as he climbs Alpe d’Huez and experiences doubt and pain, and wonders why he is doing this, why he chose this sport, and he thinks about quitting….and then of course, he finds his legs again

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