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Brilliant explanation of track cycling – the Match Sprint

By Jennifer Sage On August 4, 2012 No Comments

So you teach indoor cycling, but you’re not a cyclist. That’s fine, as long as you take some steps to understand a little more about the sport so you can deliver a better experience in your indoor cycling classes. You’ve probably learned a little about stage races like the Tour de France, so you can simulate various stages, such as a grueling Alpine stage, an individual time trial, or a fast flat stage requiring pacelines. (Note: If you don’t feel you know enough to teach TDF stages, you can check out the ICA Tour de France package—everything you need to know to teach a stage profile in total confidence.)

But what do you know about track racing? It’s not like we see these races very often on TV—unless you are

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Real Sprinting: here’s how to do it!

By Jennifer Sage On April 12, 2012 4 Comments

Sprinting in Spinning

This is good timing – Bicycling magazine had a post yesterday on How to Sprint Like You Mean It. A few days ago I posted a link to Clair Cafaro’s post asking why many indoor cycling instructors turn DOWN the resistance to sprint, which is the opposite of what should be done if you want to, you know….sprint!

Here are a few quotes from this Bicycling magazine article with advice from World Cup mountain bike racer (and Olympic hopeful) Willow Rockwell. These quotes emphasize the importance of having a fair amount of resistance (gear) and going all out.

When inserting sprinting into her training, Rockwell says:

If there’s a small hill, I just stand up and hammer to the top.

In cycling lingo, “hammer” means

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