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The Fitness Industry is a Fraud

By Jennifer Sage On September 13, 2012 6 Comments

It’s starting to make sense.

Those of us in the fitness field who got into fitness because of our combined love of helping others get into shape and our passion for being healthy and fit ourselves, have a hard time understanding how some so-called “fitness” facilities—and some trainers and instructors—seem to be missing the point. We believe that a fitness club should be all about fitness and health; about seeking the most effective and safe way of moving the body towards a healthier state of being. We believe in the wisdom of exercise science. We (er…most of us) believe that gimmicks in the industry are just that—false, short-lived, and potentially injurious ways to sell fitness. We prefer a combination of the tried-and-true and innovative training techniques, all while respecting the principles of kinesiology

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Is the Spinning® brand important?

By Jennifer Sage On April 7, 2012 18 Comments

Spinning programGoodness, my blog post from yesterday caused quite a stir on Facebook. Some people believe that even bad publicity for Spinning® is a good thing, and while I can see their point because millions of people watched this on live TV, I still disagree—this kind of bad publicity only dilutes and hurts the brand even more.

Others on my Facebook page wondered why I should even care about the “name” Spinning® so much.

One person said:

Why nit pick about the name? It’s been called spinning for years, that’s how people know it, it’s lame to even mention it.

Sure, it’s been called “Spinning” for years. But she, and many others, do not realize the importance of a brand. It’s not just a name or a title.

So I thought it would be important to

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Let’s IGNORE science and do what we WANT to on a bike!

By Jennifer Sage On July 29, 2011 12 Comments

Spinning Indoor CyclingFor those of you who know me, I’m kind of a geek when it comes to science. I have a problem with anything that goes against science or what is known to be correct in terms of proper application of science (physics, biomechanics, physiology, etc)…..especially in the name of fitness. Truth be told, in the fitness field most instructors are willfully ignoring science, because they refuse to learn about correct technique, or are afraid to learn the truth about what they are extolling, so by remaining ignorant on the subject they are in a way absolving themselves of any responsibility.

One can draw comparisons to the fitness industry from many other examples in the rest of the world. Watch the following video of a Fox news reporter challenging global warming

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How to teach a Tour de France stage in your Spinning class with power, excitement and authenticity

By Jennifer Sage On July 11, 2011 No Comments

I know we’re into the Tour de France already and I’m just posting this now (due to unexpected delays like surgery), but I am still very thrilled to announce the launch of the 2011 ICA TDF program: How to create exciting Tour de France Stages in your Indoor Cycling or Spinning classes.

Seriously, even if you are only teaching one or two stages, and even if you’ve already started your program, and even if you’ve never taught a Tour stage before, I promise the information in these videos and this 43-page ebook, plus the 6 stages, will catapult your Tour stages into something much more exciting!

Alpe d’Huez Master Class as an Audio!

The part I am most excited about – other than having two stages by Tom Scotto (more on

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