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The Mental Benefits of Riding a Bike

By Jennifer Sage On April 21, 2014 No Comments

IMG_3848Riding my bike is one of the best medicines I can possibly take. I’m sure you would agree, and there are scientific studies that prove it, too. More on that in a moment…

This is medicine I could have used the past month…but I’m sad to say I only got on my bike for the first time this season yesterday. Even though I live in the high country, and the nearby ski station of Vail (30 miles away) only closed for the season yesterday, we’ve still had some warm days and clear roads and trails (at least in Eagle, where I live) for the past 3–4 weeks. I’ve been watching cyclists ride up my street from my office window for the past month.

What kept me off my bike?

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Loving Hills Outdoors is Not as Easy as Indoors!

By Jennifer Sage On December 2, 2013 1 Comment

Tom-in-MauiI love to climb. But I have to admit, there are times when I have a love/hate relationship with them once they start getting over 30-ish minutes long, or steeper than 8% for longer than a couple of minutes. I’ve had to nurture and caress my love for climbing over the years, and in fact, it actually needs more nurturing as the years progress!

Elly Blue has written a great article in Bicycling magazine on how to love hills.

Indoors, I think we get a little complacent when on a “tough” climb. I mean, yeah, we can make it “hard,” or what we think is hard…but it’s never really quite as tough as a steep or really long climb outdoors. I’m not sure our non-cyclist students really get that. They might be in for a rough awakening if

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Practicing Mindfulness While Climbing

By Jennifer Sage On May 13, 2013 No Comments

Tina Centofante is an ICA member and cycling instructor from Burlington, Vermont. In addition to teaching cycling classes, she is an avid outdoor cyclist. The following article appeared in the Muscles not Motors blog this week, and I thought it would be perfect for indoor cycling instructors around the world to see an example of how what we teach in our indoor cycling classes can translate to improving our experiences outside.

The Muscles Not Motors Blog has as its mission:

Muscles Not Motors supports physically, intellectually, emotionally and ecologically-minded individuals who are committed to activities that build healthy lives, sustainable communities, and a reduced carbon footprint though Movement = Action.


Practicing Mindfulness While Climbing
By Tina Centofante

As a mountain biker, I live for the adrenaline rush of going

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